One night in Berlin

A capital city with a rich and eventful history; an international metropolis; and the most populous German city: Berlin is a magnet, especially for anyone who wants to get involved in creative, artistic and fashion industries. For these people, Berlin offers almost unrivalled opportunities. Year-on-year, visitor numbers from around the world rise - tourism is booming in Berlin!

Alongside the main landmarks to visit, such as the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall and the Reichstag, no city break is complete without exploring Berlin's nightlife. Countless restaurants, bars and clubs capture the flair of the city - from chic to shabby, reserved to wild, romantic to adventurous - Berlin has something for everyone.

Experience an evening with

Meet in Kreuzberg and the Admiral Bridge

5.15 pm

A slice of big city romance, in the heart of Kreuzberg: The Admiral Bridge has spanned the Landwehr Canal since 1882, and its Art Nouveau wrought-iron railings make it an architectural highlight in the city. For many residents and visitors, the Admiral Bridge is mainly a popular place to enjoy a beer, and a meeting point where friends can take in the atmosphere as the sun sets over the canal. The Admiral Bridge is often listed in travel guides as a place worth seeing, and on some days the little bridge is packed with street musicians and revellers.


"Kreuzberg is my favourite part of Berlin. On sunny days, I often meet friends at the Admiral Bridge to plan our night out on the town."


Dinner in Kantine Kohlmann

7.30 pm

Kantine Kohlmann has two entrances, and actually two faces too - trendy bar meets restaurant with haute cuisine and vice versa.


"I work here as a barman, so I also know the food well. My tip would be to go for bite-sized snacks for the table which are shared like tapas. Always a winner!"


The bar attracts visitors with a large inviting main area, a cosy alcove and fantastic drinks. In the restaurant, you eat at long wooden tables in a rustic setting, and enjoy truly exceptional service as you dine from a menu which features classic German cuisine with a new and original twist. The restaurant offers a long list of top-quality wines which are well worth tasting!

A date with history: East Side Gallery

9.20 pm

The longest open-air gallery in the world can be found in Berlin-Friedrichshain. East Side Gallery comprises 101 large format pictures painted directly onto the wall, over a length of more than 1,300 metres, as a symbol of reunification. The works of art are largely inspired by politics, and provide a potted visual history of the capital and the long separation of its East and West.


"Berlin is a city that engenders freedom and individuality, maybe because of places like this."


Every day the gallery draws groups of tourists from around the world, who pose in front of the most popular pictures, take selfies, and regard the wall as a memorial. A mile of art, which stimulates debate like no other exhibition.


Bar time: Old CCCP

10.40 pm

What makes a really great bar? The cocktails and drinks on the menu? The furnishings, light, sound? The barmen and other customers? Probably a combination of all of these, but who knows? One thing is certain however - The Old CCCP is a really great place.


"I like to go out with friends in this part of Berlin, and visit nice bars with a special atmosphere and good music."


The bar's nostalgic look is both stylish and cosy, and customers come in for a drink or two, but often stay for longer. A place with a warm ambience, a good mix of music, and where something is always happening. One unusual feature is the Old CCCP allows smoking - which doesn't suit everyone, but is appreciated by many regulars.

That's Berlin: The Late Night Kiosk

1 am

It's late and we don't want to go home yet. Not a problem in Berlin. While other cities wind down for the night, around 1,000 late-night kiosks around the city centre provide residents and revellers with everything they need for a long night out. The term "Späti" (late night kiosk) comes from "Spätkauf" or to be more precise, "Spätverkaufsstellen" (late-night shops) which were a feature of the former GDR. Following reunification, the concept was also adopted in West Berlin, with the late-night kiosk becoming a big hit throughout Berlin! On warm days people queue in front of the kiosks, while regulars sit together on benches and friends discuss which late-night kiosk is actually the best.


"A mix of supermarket, trendy meeting place and bar - only in Berlin."

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